Makeup: Lips

Burts Bees Lipsticks
Burt’s Bees Lipsticks (Swatch/Tested Only – $4.00 each, $3.00 each for 3 or more)
All 14 colors available

COTY lips
Sephora Modern Watercolors Lip Gloss Set (New – $18.00)

COTY lipsticks
Sephora Color of the Year Lipsticks:
Both Rose Quartz and Serenity Available
(New – $11.00 each or $20.00 for both)

Drugstore lipsticks
Glossybox Lipstick – Glossy Pink (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)
Wet n Wild 528A Lipstick (New – $1.00)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick – Vintage (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick – Berry Rose (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)
Maybelline Lipstick – Orchid Frost (New – $1.00)
Maybelline Lipstick – Born With It (New – $1.00)

Illamasqua Lips
Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss – Maiden (Swatch/Tested Only – $11.00)
Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss – Torture (Swatch/Tested Only – $11.00)
Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss – Divine (Swatch/Tested Only – $11.00)
Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss – Belladonna (Swatch/Tested Only – $11.00)

Illamasqua Lipsticks 1
Illamasqua Lipsticks
Welt (New – $15.00)
Underworld (Swatch/Tested Only – $13.00)
Wanton (New – $15.00)

Illamasqua Lipsticks 2
Illamasqua Lipsticks
Test (Swatch/Tested Only – $15.00)
Atomic (Swatch/Tested Only – $15.00)
Scandal (New – $17.00)

Kiko Lips trio
Kiko Innocent Desire Lipgloss Set (New – $13.00)

Lena Lips
Lena Lashes More Matte Than Matte Lipsticks
Brad (?), Dante, Tony (?), Kevin
(New – $3.00)

LOreal Face perfekt VS
L’Oreal The Queen’s Shine Gloss (New – $2.00)
Face Stockholm Nektar Gloss (New – $4.00)
Perfekt Hollywood Lip Perfection Gel (New – $15.00)
L’Oreal Golden Color Juice (New – $1.00)
Vicotria’s Secret Savage Lip Gloss (New – $8.00)

MAC Love Knot LustreGlass (New – $16.00)
MAC Nico Now Lipglass (New – $10.00)
MAC Pucker Tendertone (New – $10.00)

MAC lips2 LG
MAC Lollipop Loving Lipstick (Discontinued/New – $25.00)
MAC Big Bow Lipstick (Discontinued/New – $30.00)

MAC Revenge Is Sweet Lipglass (Discontinued/New – $17.00)

Missha Lancome Givenchy
Missha Glam Art Rouge Lipsticks: SPK108 & SRD704 (Swatch/Tested Only – $4.00 each)
Lancome Le Rouge Absolu – Refined Rose (New – $15.00)
Givenchy Brilliant Couture 612 Lipstick (Vintage/Discontinued, New – $24.00)

Elizabeth Arden Poppy Cream Lipstick (Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00)
Elizabeth Arden Rose Berry Lipstick (Swatch/Tested Only – $12.00)
SUQQU Creamy Glos Lipstick Mois EX-06 (New – $25.00)

MUFE Lipsticks
Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense 10 Lipstick (New – $13.00)
Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural N48 Lipstick (Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00)

Nuance Lips
Nuance Plumping Liquid Lipsticks: Melted Maple & Mulled Wine (New – $3.00 each)
Nuance Moisture Rich Lipsticks: Blooming Red & Mystical Mauve (New – $3.00 each)

NYX GLosses
RLG03, RFG06, RLG11, RLG14, RLF15, RLF26, RLF30, RLG32
(New – $2.00 each)

RBR Lipstick
Rouge Bunny Rouge Prey of Lust Lipstick (New – $14.00)

Revlon LG 1
Revlon Super Lustrous Glosses
Shine City, Pink Afterglow, Nude Lustre, Shine That Pink, Pearl Plum, Pink Pursuit, Firecracker, Coral Reef
(New – $1.00 each)

Revlon LG 2
Revlon Super Lustrous Glosses: Pink Pop & Lilac Pastelle
(Used 3-4 Times – $1.00 each)

Revlon Smashbox essense
ModelCo Lip Lights – Pink Sea Shell (New – $4.00)
Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss – Foiled (New – $1.00)
Smashbox Lipgloss – Tempt (New – $5.00)
Essense Stay Gloss – Kiss Kiss Kiss (New – $1.00)

Rimmel LGs
Rimmel Vinyl Glosses (New – $1.00 each)
EastEnd Snob, EastEnd Snob, Surreal, Surreal, Rhythm, Rhythm

Tarte 2
Tarte Complexion Brightening Lipstick (Swatch/Tested Only – $9.00)
Tarte Glamazon Lipstick – Pierce (Swatch/Tested Only – $9.00)

Violent Lips 1
ViolentLips (New – $3.00 each)
Pink Diamond, Silver Diamond, Red Zebra, Denim

Violent Lips 2
ViolentLips: Red Diamonds & Leopard (New – $3.00 each)

Victoria’s Secret Opulent Gloss (New – $2.00)
Fusion Beauty Show Off Gloss (New – $13.00)
MAC Splashing Lipglass (New – $14.00)

Avon Gorgeous
Becca Ultimate Matte Lip Colour – Eloise (New – $15.00)
Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipstick – Man Trap (New – $13.00)

MAC Chris Chang Lipsticks
MAC Chris Chang Lipsticks –
Gold Xixi, DDDEvilish, Plum Princess, Vermillion Vee, Cloud Gait
(Swatch/Tested Only – $13.00)

MAC Chris Chang New Lipstick
MAC Chris Chang Lipstick – Vermillion Vee
(New – $16.00)

Missha Lips Face
Missha Lip & Cheek Dual Cream Pots: No. 1 & No. 6
(New – $5.00 each)

Neutrogena Balms
Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks
Juicy Peach, Fresh Papaya, Watermelon, Bright Berry, Warm Caramel, Raspberry, Plum Perfect, Rich Raisin
(New – $3.00 each)

Pixi M Mauve
Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm – Magnetic Mauve
(New – $7.00)

Revlon LORAC lips
Maybelline Lipstick – Pinkalicious (New – $3.00)
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick – Summer Angel (New – $3.00)
Revlon Lipstick – Baby Pink (New – $3.00)
LORAC Cream Lipstick – Jet Setter (Swatch/Tested Only – $9.00)

Sleek MAC Lime Crime
Sleek Pout Paint – Pin Up (New – $3.00)
MAC Lipglass – Restless (Swatch/Tested Only – $7.00)
Lime Crime Velvetines – Red Velvet (Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00)

Stila Electric Pink
Stila After Glow Lip Color – Electric Pink
(New – $9.00)

Pixi Face Lips
Pixi Succulent Lip Twins:
Nude Lily, Pink Peony, Poppy Red, Opal Orchid
(New – $10.00 each)

FaceFront Sheer Gloss – Lip Lust(Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick – Burgundy Shine(Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)

L’Oreal Colour Juice Lip Gloss – Berry Burst (New – $1.00)
FaceFront Liquid Lipstick: Mototaxi, It’s Amor, Purest Skin(Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00 each)

Bdellium Auto Lip Crayons: Top to Bottom –
Lil’ Red, Helen of Troy, Pink Cadillac, Marilyn, Kadooment Orange, Sinister Rouge
Lil’ Red (Swatch/Tested Only – $3.00)
All the rest (New – $5.00)

CoverGirl Star Wars Lipsticks: Silver, Lilac, Red, Gold, Deep Purple, Nude
(Swatch/Tested Only – $4.00 each)

ColourPop Lippie Sticks: Ruffle, Jingle, Night Owl, 54, Plastics
(Swatch/Tested Only – $2.00 each)

DHC Lipsticks: BE111, OR112, RS105, RS107
(Swatch/Tested Only – $6.00 each)

Sephora Jem & The Holograms Lipgloss Set(Swatch/Tested Only – $17.00)
Maybelline Lip Gloss Palette(Swatch/Tested Only – $2.00)

MAC Lipsticks: Long Legged & Fabulous, The Fashion Flock, Be Silly, Have Your Cake, Flocking Fabulous, Nice To Meet You
(Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00)

NARS Steven Klein Lipglosses: Special Force, Fast Life, Provoke
(Swatch/Tested Only – $15.00 each)

Senna Lip Lacquer – Sunstone
(New – $7.00)

Senna Lipstick – Down To Earth (New – $9.00)
Lime Crime Lipstick – Poisonberry (Swatch/Tested Only – $15.00)

Senna Lip Lacquer – Bonfire (New – $7.00)
MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 (Swatch/Tested Only – $15.00)

Senna Lipsticks: Ruby & Venetian Red
(Swatch/Tested Only – $7.00)

Sephora Pantone Modern Watercolors Lip Gloss Set
(Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00)

Sephora Pantone Lipsticks: Blue & Pink (Swatch/Tested Only – $7.00 each or $12.00 for both)

Shu Uemura 6 Dream Pink, Fuchsia Fun-tasy, Princess Coral, Heroine Rose, Magical Rose
(Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00 each)

ColourPop Ultra Matte 1
ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips (Swatch/Tested Only – $3.00 each):
Drive-In, Highball, Limbo, Guess, Beeper, BeDazzled, Jellies, Clueless, 1st Base, Pacific, LAX, Lychee

ColourPop Ultra Matte 2
ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips (Swatch/Tested Only – $3.00 each):
Avenue, Seesaw, Tulle, Mr. Blonde, Kapow, Succulent, Ouiji, Dr. M, Shimmy, Vice, Tarp, Buds

Covergirl Outlast Lips
CoverGirl Outlast Lipsticks (Swatch/Tested Only – $3.00 each):
Phantom Pink, Pink Pow, Fireball, Red Siren, Red Revenge, Red Rouge, Pink Shock, Into The Fuchsia, Vixen Violet, Magnetic Mauve, Plum Fury

CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams (Swatch/Tested Only – $3.00 each)
Parfait, Creme Caramel, Berries n Cream, Strawberry Frappe, Nectarine Dream, Cherry Cream Pie

CP Lippie Stix Sheers
ColourPop Lippie Stix Sheers (Swatch/Tested Only – $3.00 each):
Safari, Tiger, Juice Bar, Peacocky, BYOB

MAC Mineralize Glasses (Swatch/Tested Only – $12.00 each): Dressed To the K9s, Lap Dog
MAC Dazzleglasses (Swatch/Tested Only – $16.00 each): Cherry Popping, Rollergirl

MAC LS Set 2
MAC Lipstick Viva Glam Gaga 2 (Swatch/Tested Only – $13.00 )
MAC Pro Longwear Lipstick – Love Forever (Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00)

MAC Vamplify
MAC Vamplify Glosses (Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00 each)
Tease Don’t Touch, Little Miss Mischeif, Peer Pressure, Suggestive, Hyper-Fabulous, A For Attitude, What’s Going On, Everybody’s Talking, How Chic Is This, Flash Drive, Push Some Buttons, Spanking Haute

Maybelline Matte Lips
Maybelline Matte Lipsticks (Swatch/Tested Only – $3.00 each)
Nude Nuance, All Fired Up, Pink Sugar, Blushing Pout, Burgundy Blush, Rich Ruby, Vibrant Violet, Electric Pink

Jordana Matte Lips 3
Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks
(Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00 each)
Bare, Blush, Frappuccino, Tease, Classy, Adorable

Jordana Matte Lips 2
Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks
(Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00 each)
Popular, It Girl, Dare, Pretty, Calliente, Style

Jordana Matte Lips 1
Jordana Modern Matte Lipsticks
(NEW – $2.00 each)
Goddess, Ambition, Divine, Ambition, Gorgeous, Innocent

MAC Temperature Rising Lipglasses
(Swatch/Tested Only – $9.00 each)
Liquid Passion, Rhythm, Soft Serenade, Underdressed

MAC Huggable Lipcolours
MAC Huggable Lipcolours
(Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00 each)
Bare Hug, Fashion Force, I’m Game, Soft Talkin, Flaming Lips, I’m In, Dramatical, Love Feeling, Play It Soft, Glamorized

MAC Lipsticks (Swatch/Tested Only)
Cusp of Dawn ($9.00), Venus ($12.00), Heroine ($11.00), Fire Sign ($7.00), Pink Popcorn ($11.00), Chestnut ($7.00)

NARS Christopher Kane Lipgloss in Nucleus (Swatch/Tested Only – $16.00)
MAC Cremesheen Glasses (Swatch/Tested Only – $8.00 each)
Calypso Beat & Fever Isle

NYX Intense Butter Glosses (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00 each)
Berry Strudel, Orangesicle, Chocolate Crepe

Rimmel Provocalips
Rimmel Provocalips in Pucker Up (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)

Sephora Pantone Marsala Lipstick
Sephora + Pantone Marsala Matte Lipstick (NEW – $18.00)

Smashbox LG
Smashbox Reflection Lipgloss (Swatch/Tested Only – $2.00)

Smashbox LGs
(Swatch/Tested Only – $9.00 each)
Legendary & After Dark

Too Faced Liquid LIp
Too Faced Liquified Lipsticks (Swatch/Tested Only – $11.00 each)
Nude, Coral, Frosting, Villain, Marshmallow, Fuchsia, Violet

Too Faced Metal
Too Faced Metal Metallic Liquified Lipsticks (Swatch/Tested Only – $11.00 each)
Jelly, Peony, Bunny, Dream House, Debutante, Violet

MAC Is Beauty Lipsticks 1
MAC Lipsticks (Swatch/Tested Only – $9.00 each)
Reel Sexy, Call The Hairdresser, Diva-ish, Make Me Gorgeous, Silly, Catty, Notice Me

MAC Is Beauty Lipsticks 2
MAC Lipsticks (Swatch/Tested Only – $9.00 each)
High-Lights, Pure Vanity, Maria Moretti ($12.00), French Twist, Cardinal, Real Doll, Holllywood Cerise, No Faux Pas

elf Full Lips
elf Full Lips Set (New – $1.00)

Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Must Have Pink
Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Must Have Pink (New – $6.00)

Marc Jacobs Mohagany LS
Marc Jacobs Mahogany Le Marc Lip Crème (Swatch/Tested Only – $16.00)

RBR Lip Pencil
Rouge Bunny Rouge Amerigo Lip Pencil (Swatch/Tested Only – $9.00)

BB Holiday Lips
Bobbi Brown Scotch On The Rocks Lipsticks (Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00)
Malt Shimmer, Sultry Red, Beige Gold, Bordeaux

Marc Jacobs Lips
Marc Jacobs Kiss Pops (Swatch/Tested Only – $14.00): Wham, Pop-arazzi, Headliner
Marc Jacobs Lip Gel – Have We Met? (Swatch/Tested Only – $20.00)

Seph SK NP
Sephora Radiant Orchid Lipstick (Swatch/Tested Only – $6.00)
Sonia Kashuk Red Lip Matte (Swatch/Tested Only – $6.00)
Napoleon Perdis Lipstick – Florence (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)

Stockholm LS
Face Stockholm Lipsticks (Swatch/Tested Only – $7.00)
Summer & Citrus

Tarte Flush Lip
Tarte Power Pigment – Flush (New – $8.00

MAC lip gelee MAC LG WW
MAC Lipgelees in Shift To Pink & Resort Life (Swatch/Tested Only – $13.00 each)
MAC Lustreglass in Hey, Sailor (Swatch/Tested Only – $7.00)
MAC Lipglass in Song And Dance (Swatch/Tested Only – $5.00)
MAC Superglass in Superflash (Swatch/Tested Only – $7.00)
MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass in Athena’s Kiss (Swatch/Tested Only – $30.00)

MAC Moody Blooms LSs
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks (Swatch/Tested Only – $8.00 each)
Venomous Violet, Moody Bloom, Quite The Thing

MAC Nude LGs
MAC Lipglasses (Swatch/Tested Only – $6.00 each)
Hellbound, Steel Kiss, Over-Spiced, A Quiet Roar

MAC Wonder Woman Lipgloss in Emancipation (Swatch/Tested Only – $20.00)
MAC Alice + Olivia Dazzleglass Creme in Sparklicious (New, Limited Edition – $14.00)

Misc NYC
Appeal Cosmetics Lipstick in Mock-Up (Swatch/Tested Only – $3.00)
City Color Lip Balm Bright Red (New – $1.00)
NYC Lipsticks: Berry Me, Forever Fuchsia, Coralista (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00 each)

NARS Audacious 2
NARS Audacious Lipsticks (Swatch/Tested Only – $21.00 each)
Michiyo, Barbara, Grace, Sandra

Rev Rimmel Lancome
Maybelline Lipsticks: Pearly Pink & Peachy Scene (New – $2.00 each)
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Pink Chic (Swatch/Tested Only – $2.50)
Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick in Exotic Orchid (Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00)

Revlon CS LG Loreal
Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolors: Miracle Mauve, #1 Nude (Swatch/Tested Only – $2.00 each)
L’Oreal Color Juice in Watermelon Crush (New – $1.00)

Revlon New LSs
Revlon Lipsticks (New – $2.00 each)
Nude Attitude, Berry Haute, Silver City Pink, Blushed, Gentlement Prefer Pink, Paparazzi Pink, Soft Nude

Revlon Stila Rimmel
Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Sunbaked (New – $2.00)
City Color Lip Lush Crayon in Chic (New – $1.00)
Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Orange (New – $1.00)
Rimmel Color Rush Colors: Boom Chic A Boom, Not An Illusion, Viva Violet (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00 each)

Senna Max Factor BeYu SH
Senna Double Dose Lip Lacquers: Chocolate Cherry & Moondance (Swatch/Tested Only – $5.00 each)
Max Factor Lipfinity Double Ended Lipstick – 570 Gleaming Coral (Swatch/Tested – $1.00)
BeYu Lip Cream (New – $1.00)
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Natural Shine Lip Gloss Sweet Pink (New – $1.00)

Smashbox Tarte NARS perfekt
Smashbox Gloss in Expose (New – $2.00)
Tarte Maracuja Divine Gloss in Achiote (Swatch/Tested Only – $3.00)
NARS lipgloss in Bimini (Swatch/Tested Only – $14.00)
Perfekt Lip Perfection Gel in Sunset (Swatch/Tested Only – $2.00)

Stila HC UD elf Avon
Stila Lipglosses: Fetching & Enchanting (Swatch/Tested Only- $1.00 each)
Hard Candy Lipglosses: Piglet, Flirt, Sweetie (New – $1.00 each)
Urban Decay Lipsglosses: Firecracker & Rocket (New – $2.00 each)
elf Hypershine Gloss Va Va Voom (New – $0.50)
Avon Glazewear Gloss in Darling Pink (New – $1.00)
elf Gloss in Daring (New – $0.50)

Wet n Wild Lipstick 525D (Swatch/Tested Only- $1.00)
NYC Lipstick in Snowcone (New- $1.00)
NYX Lipsicks: Glory, B52, Love Angel (Swatch/Tested Only- $1.00 each)
ULTA Bronze Lipstick (Swatch/Tested Only- $1.00)

MAC Indigo Pink Lipglass (Swatch/Tested Only- $17.00)
MAC Docile Lipglass (Swatch/Tested Only- $7.00)
MAC Ethereal Lipglass (Swatch/Tested Only- $10.00)
MAC Atmospheric Lipglass (Swatch/Tested Only- $6.00)

MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass (Swatch/Tested Only- $15.00)
MAC Bubble Tea Plushglass (Swatch/Tested Only- $5.00)
MAC Ravishing Lipglass (Swatch/Tested Only- $13.00)

Sigma Lip Vex Glosses: Steady Glow & Dazzling (Swatch/Tested Only – $2.00 each)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses in Peach Petal (150) & Pink Pop (180) (New – $2.00 each)
Stila 24 kt Gloss in Brilliant Pink (New – $4.00)

Missha Coral Lipgloss SCR04 (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)
American Beauty Lipgloss in Amaretto (New – $7.00)
Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipgloss in Nectar Light (Swatch/Tested Only – $7.00)
Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Lipgloss in Rock Me (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)

Maybelline Senna MAC
Maybelline Gloss in Breathtaking Apricot (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.50)
Senna Gloss in Maraschino (Swatch/Tested Only – $2.00)
MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipgloss (Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00)

Revlon Moisture Stains
Revlon Moisture Stains (Swatch/Tested Only – $2.00 each):
Barcelona Nights, India Intrigue, Shanghai Sizzle

Stila 20th Ann LGs
Stila Magnificent Metals Glosses (Swatch/Tested Only – $5.00 each):
Moonstone, Citrine, Pink Sapphire, Kitten Rose Quartz, Garnet

MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tints (Swatch/Tested Only – $5.00 each): Bubble Gum, Glorious Intent, Blushing Berry, Simply Wow

Napoleon Perdis Lip Gloss in Lianna ($1.00) (New)
Napoleon Perdis Lip Coutoure Rene ($1.50) (New)
Stila Lip Glaze in Grapefruit ($2.00) (New)
Bellapierre Super Gloss in Vanilla Pink ($1.00) (New)
Avon Plump Pout in Nude Pout ($1.00) (New)

MAC Lipgloss Strange Potion ($26.00) (Swatch/Tested Only)
MAC Lipgloss Hot House ($24.00) (Swatch/Tested Only)

PLA Beauty Lip Gloss in Ruby Slippers ($1.00) (New)
Rouge Bunny Rouge Lip Gloss in Blameless ($3.00) (Swatch/Tested Only)
FaceFront Colour Volume in Ouro Fino ($1.00) (Swatch/Tested Only)

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Precision Glide Lip Liner:
Ballet Blush, Plum Wine, Sugared Kiss ($2.00 each) (Swatch/Tested Only)

Illamasqua Matte Lips
Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquids: Forbidden, Surrender, Exotic
(Swatch/Tested Only – $7.00 each)

LORAC Alter Ego Lipstick in Nymph ($10.00) (Swatch/Tested Only)
IMAN Lipstick in Jaguar ($1.00) (Swatch/Tested Only)
NARS Lipstick in Autumn Leaves ($18.00) (Swatch/Tested Only)
Beaute Liqui-Gel Stain in Fever ($7.00) (New)

Tarina Tarantino LG
Tarina Tarantino Lip Gloss
(Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)


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