Makeup: Misc.

Brush2 Lashes
Everyday Minerals Mineral Face Brush (New – $5.00)
Stila Dual-Ended Foundation/Concealer Brush (New – $7.00)
Illamasqua False Eye Lashes (New – $5.00)

Kirkland Brushes
Kirkland 8-Piece Luxury Brush Set (New – $23.00)

Lay n Go
Lay N Go Cosmo (New – $10.00)

Minnie Mirror
Sephora Minnie Mouse Compact Mirror (New – $20.00)

Swaravski Bracelet 0
Swaravoski Stardust Dark Gray Double Bracelet (New – $30.00)

Swaravski Bracelet 1
Swaravoski Stardust Dark Gray Double Bracelet (New – $30.00)

Tocca perfumes
Tocca Eau de Parfum Wardrobe (New – $30.00)

LOccitane Lavender Roll
L’Occitane Lavender Roll-On (New – $7.00)

OPI Oh My Majesty
OPI Nail Polishes (New: $6.00 each)
Oh My Majesty, I’m Gown for Anything, The I’s Have It, Mad for Madness Sake

OPI Wahts the Hatter
OPI Nail Polishes (New: $4.00 each)
What’s the Hatter with You?, Having a Big Head Day, Fearlessly Alice, A Mirror Escape

OPI Nail Polishes (New: $4.00 each)
No More Mr. Night Sky, Two Wrong Don’t Make a Meteorite, Let Your Love Shine, Infrared-y to Glow, Ce-less-tial is More

OPI Nail Polishes (New: $4.00 each)
Love is in My Cards, Ro-Man-ce on the Moon, Guys & Galazies, I’m in the Moon for Love

OPI Nail Polishes (New: $4.00 each)
Cosmo with a Twist, Give Me Space, Center of the You-niverse, Super Star Status

OPI Nail Polishes (New: $4.00 each)
I Drive a SuperNova, By the Light of the Moon, Comet Closer, Is this Start Taken?

OPI Constellation Chic Set (New: $13.00)
An Affair in Red Square, Mod About You, By the Light of the Moon

Zoya Nail Polishes (New: $5.00 each)
Aspen, Amal, Yves, Iris, Honor

Zoya Nail Polishes (New: $5.00 each)
Giada, Aggie, Tris, Estelle, Ember, Cinnamon

Zoya Nail Polishes (New: $5.00 each)
Lidia, Janel, Desiree, Sia, Charli, Hannah

Sephora Disney Mirror Compacts: Belle, Ariel, Cinderella
(New: $35.00 each Or Best Offer over $35)

OPI Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $3.00 each)
Gimme a Lido Kiss, Be There In a Prosecco, I Cannoli Wear OPI, Purple Palazzo Pants, Gelato on My Mind

OPI Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $3.00 each)
A Great Oppera-tunity, It’s a Piazza Cake, Worth a Pretty Penne, Tiramisu for Two, Amore at the Grand Canal

Sephora SP
Sephora Fomrula X Nail Polishes (New: $5.00 each): Crafty, Clever, Alchemy
Salon Perfect Nail Polishes (New: $1.00 each): Salsa Dance & Indigo-go

OPI Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $3.00 each)
DS Tourmaline, DS Titanium, Baroque But Still Shopping, St Marks the Spot, Girls Love Diamonds, Love Althletics in Cleats

OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effect Nail Polish – Set In Stone (Swatch/Tested Only – $7.00)
OPI Nail Polish (Swatch/Tested Only – $3.00): My Gondola or Yours?, Suzi’s Hungary Again, 7th Inning Strrretch, O Suzi Moi, Venice the Party?

SP 5
Salon Perfect Nail Polishes (New: $3.00 for all 3)
White Out Set

SP 4
Salon Perfect Nail Polishes (New: $1.00 each)
Sugar Cube, Titanium, Crystal Clear

OPI Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $3.00 each)
This Colors Making Waves, Lost My Bikini in Molokini, Pineapples Have Peelings Too, Suzi Shops & Island Hops, Just Lanaing Around, Hello Hawaii Ya

OPI Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $3.00 each)
My Silk Tie, Dark Side Of the Mood, Embrace the Gray, Romantically Involved, Shine For Me, Cement the Deal

OPI Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $3.00 each)
Is Mai Tai Crooked, Go with the Lava Flow, Aloha From OPI, Thats HulaRious, My Gecko Does Tricks, Do You Take Lei Away

Zoya 3
Zoya Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $4.00)
Leslie, Daisy, Rayne

Zoya 2
Zoya Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $4.00)
Mae, Isa, Genesis, Aphroite, Selene, Oceane

Zoya 1
Zoya Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $3.00)
Nana, Cecilia, Talia, Jace, Serenity, Demetria

Nicole OPI 1
Nicole by OPI Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $2.00)
DC Lover, Zero is my Hero, Seriously Citrus,The Look is Orange, In Grape Demand, Always a Classic Coca-Cola

SP 1
Salon Perfect Nail Polishes (New: $1.00 each)
Luck of the Irish, Loopy Lime, Gold Leaf, Shamrock Your Socks Off, Sugar Cube, Escape to Neverland

OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $7.00 each)
Steel Waters Run Deep, Maintaining My Sandity, Withstands the Test of Thyme, Never Give Up

OPI Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $3.00 each)
Pineapples Have Peelings Too, This Color’s Making Waves, Just Lanaiing Around, My Gecko Does Tricks, Go With The Lava Flow

OPI Nail Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only: $3.00 each)
Aloha From OPI, Suzi Shops & Island Hops, Is Mai Tai Crooked, Hello Hawaii Ya, Thats Hularious, Do You Take Lei Away, Lost My Bikini in Molokinig

Show Hair Perfume
Show Decadence Hair Fragrance (New – $25.00)

Madam Glam NPs
Madam Glam Nail Polishes (New – $2.00 each)
Like A Princess, Happy Romance, Cashmere Party, Pink Reptile, Candy Maniac, Fruit Cocktail

Maybelline NPs
Maybelline Nail Polishes (New – $1.00 each):
Fierce & Tangy, Crushed Clementine, Lust For Lilac, Blue Bombshell

AF 8
Abercrombie & Fitch 8 for Women 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray (Amount As Shown – $25.00)

AF Perfumes
Abercrombie & Fitch Wakely Eau de Parfum Spray (Amount As Shown – $40.00)
Abercrombie & Fitch Perfume 41 (Amount As Shown – $55.00)

Chanel No 5
Chanel No. 5 Perfume 3.4 oz (New – $80.00)

CK Bloom
Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom Perfume (Amount As Shown – $13.00)

Lise Watier perfume
Lise Watier Desirable Eau de Toilette (New – $35.00)

OPI glitter polishes
OPI Nail Polishes: Rose Of Light & I Reached My Gold! (New – $4.00 each)

Ralph Lauren Blue (Amount As Shown – $29.00)

Zoya Nail Polishes: Tracie, Wednesday, Meg (Swatch/Tested Only – $3.00 each)
MAC Biker Blue (Swatch/Tested Only – $10.00)
Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune Polish (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)
Sally Hansen Polish in Gunmetal (Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)

OPI Holiday Glitter NPs
OPI Glitter Polishes (Swatch/Tested Only – $2.00 each)
Desperately Seeking Sequins, You Pink Too Much, Chasing Rainbows, Blush Hour

MAC 211 Brush (New $12.00)

3 Brushes
Pur Minerals Flat-Top Brush (Used $1.00)
Japonesque Travel Point Brush (New $6.00)
ULTA Foundation Brush (Used $1.00)

Ciate Bellapierre NPs
Ciate Polish in Kaftan (Swatched Only $3.00)
Bellapierre Aqua Teal Polish (New $1.00)

Sephora MB 1
Sephora Pantone Makeup Bag (New $3.00)

Sephora MB 2
Sephora Pantone Makeup Bag (New $3.00)

Talika Smile Booster
Talika Smile Booster
(New – $5.00)

China Glaze Polishes
China Glaze Nail Polishes
(New, but labels faded – $1.00 for both)

Avon Cosmic Polishes
Avon Cosmic Nail Polishes
(Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00 each or $4 for all 5)

China Glaze Polishes: Unrefined (Texture) & Duplicity (Tranzitions)
(Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00)

MAC Polishes 2
MAC Polishes: Delicate, Faint of Heart, Skin, Coffee Break
(Swatch/Tested Only – $4.00 each)

Nubar Polishes
Nubar Polishes: Resort Yellow & Into The Wild
(Swatch/Tested Only – $1.00 each)


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